Where do I even start?! Incredible! Amazing! So much fun! I can keep spewing off these descriptors until I’m blue in the face & it still wouldn’t be enough to say how pleased and lucky we were able to have Dan & Bri document our special day. Lucky not only because of how talented they are, but because our wedding date was moved WAY up last minute leading my now husband & I to plan our wedding less than 2 months…and by some unlikely aligning of the stars, they happened to still be available on our wedding day on a Saturday in May. We opted to have both photography and videography with them, and OH-EM-GEE YAWL—they were extraordinary! Every day I wish I could relive our wedding—having Dan & Bri document it for us couldn’t have come closer to having that as a reality! The memories they captured were emotional, fun, nuanced…I could go on for days! Not only is their work incredible though, they are the most fun couple I could’ve asked for on our wedding day! As you can imagine, having all eyes and cameras on you can be intimidating for a lot of folks, but they made it so fun and relaxed! Even though we only had one short meetup + mini engagement session before our wedding, they felt like close friends we have had for years because of how personable, easy going, & fun they are! I cannot recommend them enough! Book them. BOOK THEM NOW!!! You won’t just simply not regret it—you will be continually thanking yourself for the rest of your days that Dan & Bri were able to capture your most special memories. They are worth every penny (and more)! I will definitely be recommending them & would not even begin to hesitate to hire them again for any other photography/videography needs. Dan & Bri—thank you, thank you, thank you!!!