Zion, Utah, is one of those ajestic places that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Known for its steep and glorious red cliffs, the region is a favorite for outdoorsy types and those just looking for a different kind of adventure in general. The hikes in Zion provide spectacular views and exciting journeys as you traverse through rivers, canyons and more to feast your eyes on Mother Nature’s true beauty.

Camping is the only way to experience Zion in true fashion, which is what Bryce and Jess chose to do. The adventurous couple share a passion and love for camping, hiking and everything to do with being outdoors, so it was only natural they’d want to experience Zion together. But instead of roughing it, they decided to do it in style, opting for the Under Canvas Zion glamping campground, which is located on 186 acres that boarder Zion National Park. The campsite is just steps away from popular trails and offers amazing sight of the infamous red rocks that make Zion so renowned.

The luxury tents offer guests the chance to experience the great outdoors without having to sacrifice comfort, providing guests with the pleasures of home. This is exactly what the happy couple wanted for their once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Little did Jess know that this trip would forever change the course of her life with Bryce.

Their first day there was trying to get their footings in the campsite, learning about the nearby trails, must-see sights and all the amenities that came with such a unique accommodation. It wasn’t until their second day in Zion that they wandered off to explore the scenic sights Zion is praised for. After an intense day outside, the couple was more than ready for some R&R at Under Canvas Zion!

They chose the Stargazer package, which provided them with their own viewing window above their king bed to stargaze at night. So after a long night of wine, star gazing from the glass roof while in bed, they talked and talked for hours about their relationship, future and goals. The fire that was lit nearby kept them warm and cozy as they finally drifted off to sleep. But while Jess was sound asleep, Bryce was still up thanks to the tiny butterflies in his stomach. You see, he was going to pop the big question to Jess in the morning!

When they both woke up, Bryce knew it was now or never and proposed to Jess with a gorgeous Timothy D Meier engagement ring. As he got on his knee to ask her, she already had a gut feeling from the night before something big was going to happen and started to cry as he asked her for her hand in marriage.


It was the most beautiful engagement for the couple and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. That trip to Zion would never be forgotten and the story will now be told to their children and grandchildren!