I’ve met a lot of people shooting weddings, but none come close to The Reilly’s! Nikki and Jonny are quite a couple. Working with people, you naturally become accustomed to various personalities and cultures, especially since I’m behind the lens capturing their intimate and raw moments. But I must say, Nikki and Jonny were my most interesting wedding couple to date!

couple kissing on the bridge at wedding

bride posing on the bridge after wedding

If you’re familiar with the reality TV show “Jersey Shore,” then you know how its characters are boisterous, wild and unapologetic. But that’s what made the show so great to watch! You never knew what was going to happen next and were simply entertained by all their real shenanigans.

When you picture wild and crazy New Jersey natives, Nikki and Jonny perfectly fit the bill! They actually make the “Jersey Shore” cast look calm in comparison, if you can actually imagine that. From EDM festivals, fire twirling fist pumping , drinking and “GYM Tan Laundry,” this couple and their bridal party take it to a whole other wedding level!

bridesmaids crying at wedding

groomsmen smiling at wedding

You might be wondering how a crazy couple from New Jersey ended out here in the Arizona desert having a wedding? The two actually reached out to me after seeing my photos and work online. They loved how intimate the photos looked and how I captured moments and emotions at the same time. They also thought that I’d be able to keep up with their wild antics and not be offended by their crazy stunts and demeanor because they knew they wanted to work with someone they were comfortable with. I was flattered that they thought this about me for their wedding from just viewing my online portfolio and my shenanigans on social media so readily I agreed to work with them on whatever sort of wedding pictures they wanted!

grooms first look at bride at wedding

From the minute I met the couple, I absolutely fell in love with them! Their free, wild and crazy energy was intoxicating, and I knew this was going to be my most fun wedding to date. And it was! They were up for anything and kept you laughing and having a good time no matter what was happening around them. Nikki and Jonny definitely met my motto, “For the wild untamed heart!”

groom looking at bride at wedding

They were seriously a dream couple to work with and literally said anything goes for the wedding. They told me that “no” wasn’t an option in their vocabulary and they went with everything I suggested. This made my job so much easier!

The wedding was at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Phoenix, Arizona and it was a gorgeous backdrop for their nuptials. The wedding had a very delicate bohemian feel to it that was sort of opposite of their personalities. But it showed their calm side and definitely created a picturesque ambiance for their boho wedding. To complement the outdoor ceremony, the bridesmaids wore beautiful and vibrant peach-colored dresses, while the guys wore color-matched ties and blue suits. Color was everywhere, and the bride’s bouquet featured desert blooms that went with the whole décor.

bride and groom making a unity cactus at wedding

just married walking down the isle at wedding

groom humping his newly wed wife at wedding

After the memorable wedding ceremony, it was time to get wild and crazy at the private reception that was held in a nearby mansion that they rented for the week. And it’s here where their New Jersey antics really came out. Lots of dancing, drinking, fire spinning and fun was had by all guests and the bride and groom had the time of their life!

brides jumping into pool at wedding

groom spinning fire at wedding

The crazy thing about the entire wedding was they got married on a Monday. I’ve done Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday weddings, but this was my first Monday wedding. Monday weddings are quite odd and not really seen in the industry, so when I asked them why, their answer was hysterical! Their thought process on their wedding day was that because Cinco de Mayo was on a Saturday this year, they wanted a day to party their asses off and then also have a day to recover from the chaos before they got married. After hearing this via our FaceTime meetings, I instantly knew this was going to be my most fun job to date!

The wedding literally was an all-day event, from sunrise to the wee hours of the morning the next day! It was definitely a long wedding and a lot of work, but documenting Nikki and Jonny’s special day will go down in my books as the most memorable gig ever! Let’s just say that I found myself needing sunglasses again to counter off the vicious Phoenix sun for like a week! You can read there review of me here.

Ramble on,

Dan Bushkin