However you made it to my page, whether it was my marketing dollars hard at work, google search, a friends referral or you’re a bad ass alien who thought I’m so out of this world that you had to come to earth to book me, I’m glad you landed on my website. I look forward to getting to possibly capture your moment in time and deliver you some out of this world editorial style photos.

Thanks for looking at my view through the lens!


Thanks for taking the time to go through my entire site. Now it’s time for us to get in touch with each other! Please take the time to read this page fully your so close to the finish line.

My goal will always be to capture your relationship as it is and nothing less than that! When we shoot together my goal at the end of the shoot is for us to get all the photos that truly matter to you while maintain authenticity to who you two are down to the core. Simply put when you look at your photos, I want you to cry with joy while simultaneously laughing your asses off and be reminded of the true love, emotions and feels that we captured. Please take the time to fill out the contact form and the more information you provide the better, I only work so many weddings and when Im fully booked out I have a wait list and I will pick the clients that I connect with the best and wanna work with. So I encourage you to give me some info to get excited to wanna work with you!! I wanna hear all the details about your photography dreams and visions so start typing already!

Also, you should be picky about who you choose to be your photographer. I’m picky about who I work with because I have to have a connection with my clients because I find this creates the best end product I can provide. I want you to work with me because my work speaks to you and makes you so pumped up to have me do your wedding, also I want you to connect with me and love my fun outgoing spirit! We will have to spend long exhausting hours together, so I want to ensure your beyond comfortable with me.

In this relationship i want you to be so comfortable with me That If i told you to jump off A cliff, you would do it without even questioning it!

We might make a good fit if you:

  • Love Unicorns or weird mythical creatures
  • Wanna Do Karate in the Garage
  • You love fashion and details
  • You Love Rock N Roll and Dance Music
  • Love Lots of Color and Black ( everyone loves black)
  • You’re different then the rest of the crowd
  • You’re into dangerous activities
  • You’re a secret science nerd like me
  • Love dogs
  • Get pretty Crazy and like to party your pants off
  • Like to let it Loose
  • Drink Excessive amounts of coffee
  • Have no shame in your game
  • Eat all you can eat sushi like its your last dying meal
  • You have an attorney on standby
  • Dance like everyone is  watching and you don’t give a shit
  • You like to get dirty
  • Like to break rules
  • Down for wild exploration
  • Laugh with and at me. And laugh with each other.
  • Like to sing karaoke even if you suck at singing


Weddings start at $3500
Elopements start at $600
International weddings start at $6000
Portrait sessions start at $600

If you think we’re a good match, just fill out the contact below.

Prices subject to change on a case-by-case basis.
Please inquire for a detailed pricing guide!

Ramble On,
Dan Bushkin

Let's Talk

  • Wedding or Elopement Info

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    I book up to 2 years in advance, so please be as precise with the date as you can.
  • How many people are you sending "Save the Dates" to?
  • This will help me see your vision!
  • Details

    What kind of budget do you expect to have for your photography. This will help give me a better idea of what i can do to meet your needs.
  • I won't call or text you, promise on my doggos!! This is just in case I can't get through via email for some reason - it happens especially since things go to the junk and spam folder all the time!
  • Mine's @danbushkin and I am always posting and making tons of stories so please by all means stalk away!!

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