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Chris and Kristen

Dan is awesome, has great energy, and is an absolute professional. He primarily shot the guys on our wedding day and they loved having him around. The images he captured are incredible quality, rich color, and full of the joy of the day. I’d definitely recommend Dan to anyone searching for a creative professional!

Lindsey and Tony

We truly can’t say enough great things about Dan Bushkin Photography! Dan and his partner/ girlfriend Bri shot our wedding day and were both so fun and easy to work with. It’s never easy to have a camera following you around, but they made it seem like we were just hanging out with a couple of old friends. It was relaxed and easy, and the photos show that. They captured the natural little moments throughout the day, rather than an album full of staged photos.

I can truly look back at the photos and recall special memories that happened in those moments, which is something that can’t always be said for wedding photos. I would recommend Dan a million times over, and truly wish we could go back and do it again. I haven’t stopped looking at our photos and I’m thrilled that we have such beautiful shots to remember the best weekend of our lives 🙂 I consider Dan and Bri real friends now and I’m so glad they were there to share in our big day.

Sam and Matt

Dan doesn’t just capture moments that turn into memories. He captures the soul having an experience. The soul never dies, but instead grows and expands it’s heart. His photos are capturing the soul’s heart in a time of growth. A time when you can see the soul glowing. He captures what the human eye is seeing at that moment. Those little moments create who we are and the souls carry those memories for many many lifetimes. So grateful for him capturing our adventure destination elopement! When he tells you that he’s down for anything he absolutely means it!

Maria and Jon

Dan is a kind, genuine person with a true talent for his craft. We connected with him the instant we met him at our engagement session. he has such vision! We picked a mini golf course for our engagement shoot, one that we hadn’t been to in years. When we showed up, I panicked because it was not nearly as scenic as I remembered. Dan came in, looked around, and instantly had a vision for what he wanted to do. Our pictures were perfect, and he was so calm and helped us relax.

Throughout the planning process, Dan basically doubled as a wedding coordinator. he kept up with communication (often reminding us of what we needed to do next) throughout the months leading up to the wedding.

On the wedding day, he was a calming presence- the perfect mix of accommodating and firm. And we are thrilled with the pictures. His style is unique and beautiful.

Out of all the vendors we used for our wedding, Dan Bushkin Photography is the one we are most proud of. We would recommend Dan Bushkin Photography with enthusiasm and without reservation!



Devon and Ryan

I can’t be more thrilled with how our engagement photos turned out from Dan! First of all, he’s punctual which is a huge plus. He was so prepared and had so much cool equipment that made me look BOMB!!!! He’s so funny and charismatic that the photo shoot flew by. It was nice because he has so many pose ideas that turned out natural not cheesy. He has so much experience that he helped us avoid engagement photo faux pas photos (like don’t actually kiss it gives you smushy face!) Dan has so many cool locations for photos throughout the Southwest and California. He’s based in Vegas and we did ours there! Dan was open to trying my crazy ideas and had even better suggestions! He also it’s fantastic at editing. We look like ourselves! I hate when photographers over-edit and everyone looks creepy. Not the case with Dan. I just wish I knew he had a business partner that can do hair and makeup, honestly that’s the ONLY thing I would have done differently would be to use her too. Also, he bought us GELATO because my purse was in the car so it does not get better than Dan! I can’t wait to get our photos printed on canvas for our home

Molly and Matty

We looked at dozens of photographers before stumbling upon Dan and his team. What struck us right away was how upfront and to the point he was about everything. I had so many conversations with other photographers who wouldn’t give me pricing or info until I sat through a 30- 60 minute sales pitch – so frustrating – but that was not the case with these guys. My initial inquiry went out at 11pm and 15 minutes later, I had a response with everything I needed. Even more importantly though, we felt right off the bat that the Dan cared about who we were as people and wanted to actually know more about us. My husband and I are artistically driven people, so naturally photography was a big deal to us. It’s a little scary, putting all your trust in someone you’ve never worked with to capture the most important day of your life, but after emailing back and forth with Dan and his partner/ girlfriend Bri, I knew we had a connection, and that they understood exactly where we were coming from and what we were looking for. Dan shot our engagement photos, and they were absolute magic. He’s got a sharp eye and knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable in front of a camera, not to mention he’s just the nicest, funniest and chillest guy out there. After seeing how great our engagement photos turned out, I decided to hire Dan and Bri to do boudoir photos session and make a boudoir book as a wedding gift for my husband on our wedding day. I was so nervous, but Dan and Bri made the experience so relaxed and fun. Dan is an absolute expert at using light and angles to your posing you to your advantage. The results were nothing short of beautiful, tasteful, and artful. Also I highly recommend using their hair and make up glam squad! For the grand finale, our wedding, we had Dan + Bri on photography and Phil on video. They are the dream team. What I love about their style is that they’re not the photographers who are always at your heels or in your face or in your guests’ way. We love that they are able to capture real moments that matter without making their presence constantly known. It made our day much more relaxed and allowed us to just enjoy it all. The photos from our wedding day spot on capture the pure joy and love between my husband and I and from all of our friends and family. We cannot wait to see how our video turns out! Lastly, I want to say that with Dan and his team, you don’t just book them and say “ok see ya” until your wedding day. They are super responsive over text, phone, email, face time and Skype they’ve created a open platform on Instagram and Facebook to share ongoing advice and wedding inspiration. It’s another way that Dan and his team stay communicative, transparent, and real with you. I learned/gained so much from the them leading up to our wedding. It’s truly a value-add to the entire team experience, something you can’t put a dollar amount on. If wedding photography is equally as important to you as it was to us, you need the Dan and his team. Book them. Book them now.

Chris and Amanda

Dan… What can you say about the creativity of a mad hatter, energy of a 6 year old, artistic eye of a time long past, and the personality of your best friend? Dan killed it at our wedding. Crazy shots, perfect lighting, and a ton of fun during a day that can be stressful. Relaxed no-stress shoot with a ton of fun, laughs and amazing end product! Family and friends loved his high energy, smile and laugh. And the end product?!?! Don’t get me started with how amazing the photos are. 8 months after the day my wife and I are still reeling in the moments caught on film and draws us right back to that feeling of whimsy and love.

Jeff and Julia

Dan is absolutely fantastic! He is so much fun to work with, and he really makes you feel comfortable and ready to have a good time with photos. He also has an amazing ability to make you look and feel like a rock star in your photos. Dan is also willing to do anything to get a great shot – for example, crouching in the dirt, climbing ladders, or balancing on beer barrels. He brought a lot of fun, creative energy to our wedding day, and I am so thrilled he was a part of it!

The Smiths

It’s true what they say, your wedding day will fly by. After months and months of meticulous planning and waiting for that day where you finally get to marry your best friend, you’ll blink and your big day will be over. That makes hiring a wedding photographer one of the most, if not THE most, important tasks you will face. So, HIRE DAN ! Like many of you, my husband and I were never engaged before so we honestly didn’t know where to start when looking for photographers. After shopping around online, we realized that finding a photographer might not be as easy as we initially thought. None of the photographers were clear with pricing and wanted numerous chats before disclosing their price. Eventually, someone (luckily) referred us to Dan and we were honestly relieved. I emailed dan an inquiry and immediately within minutes we received a personalized response from Dan and Bri (memes included) with a beautifully designed pricing guide booklet sent by pdf. Let me tell you Dan’s pricing guide breaks down everything that he offers, plus it answered all of our questions we had!!!! No one else had that! Our idea of just shopping around quickly turned into, can you take our deposit right now? If you’re still not convinced, send them an email and I bet in less than 30 minutes you’ll be wishing you could thank me. Dan and Bri completely rocked our wedding day! They were always available by email or phone, chose our ‘first look’ location, made anyone under their lens feel comfortable, and captured our day beyond perfectly! They delivered the photos as promised within 2 weeks and they were to die for, which was incredible since most other photographers I spoke to quoted me 8 week or more. Seriously, I don’t think we can thank them enough for the amazing pictures we will have for the rest of our lives!! So much love for Dan and Bri and the rest of their incredible team!!

Emily and Travis

Where do I even start?! Incredible! Amazing! So much fun! I can keep spewing off these descriptors until I’m blue in the face & it still wouldn’t be enough to say how pleased and lucky we were able to have Dan & Bri document our special day. Lucky not only because of how talented they are, but because our wedding date was moved WAY up last minute leading my now husband & I to plan our wedding less than 2 months…and by some unlikely aligning of the stars, they happened to still be available on our wedding day on a Saturday in May. We opted to have both photography and videography with them, and OH-EM-GEE YAWL—they were extraordinary! Every day I wish I could relive our wedding—having Dan & Bri document it for us couldn’t have come closer to having that as a reality! The memories they captured were emotional, fun, nuanced…I could go on for days! Not only is their work incredible though, they are the most fun couple I could’ve asked for on our wedding day! As you can imagine, having all eyes and cameras on you can be intimidating for a lot of folks, but they made it so fun and relaxed! Even though we only had one short meetup + mini engagement session before our wedding, they felt like close friends we have had for years because of how personable, easy going, & fun they are! I cannot recommend them enough! Book them. BOOK THEM NOW!!! You won’t just simply not regret it—you will be continually thanking yourself for the rest of your days that Dan & Bri were able to capture your most special memories. They are worth every penny (and more)! I will definitely be recommending them & would not even begin to hesitate to hire them again for any other photography/videography needs. Dan & Bri—thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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