If you can’t find it here it probably doesn’t exist but for real contact me if it’s not listed below! hello@danbushkin.com

Deliverables and Process

How long does it take to receive my images?
Great question! Delivery times are as follows:

Portrait sessions will be made available 2 weeks after the shoot.

I deliver wedding photos within 2 weeks. Standard time in the industry is 6-8 weeks at minimum. I am pretty proud of this turnaround – who likes waiting long? It’s not that I rush the editing, I just photograph correctly and do not depend on editing to make the image better. I got a groove down for an efficient workflow process plus I drink a ton of stale strong coffee to keep me going. In peak season this can be up to 4 weeks but generally I always deliver under 2 weeks!

Will all the pictures be edited?
Yes, your entire collection of photos will be edited and available in high and low resolution (for printing and web/devices).
How many images can I expect?

For portrait sessions (basically non-wedding) you can expect 40-60 images. For weddings, around 50-75/hr. But I don’t hold it to a number this is a rough estimate.  I do you the favor of taking out the outtakes like blinks, test shots, duplicates etc. All the images are edited for color, exposure, sharpness and white balance. So, you end up with the best of your day.

How many pictures of our wedding will we get?
You will receive the best photos of your wedding day. Usually I deliver between 50 – 70 images per hour I shoot for, which varies with the total amount of time booked. But I don’t hold it to a number this is a rough estimate. I will deliver to you all the awesome and get rid of all the crap. So, you end up with the best of your day.
Can I have the RAW files or any unedited images?
This will always and forever be a resounding no. Unless you want to buy out the copyright, of course! That’ll be $5,000. I do not send you any RAW (un-edited) photos because you are hiring me for my editing style and trust that I’ll send all the right photos.
How is your style concerning editing? Is black/white possible?

I am happy to edit your photos in a natural and warm style. You can see the style of my editing on my PORTFOLIO page. Some pictures will be black and white – when it fits to the motive. You can request an entire gallery in black and white with your color collection, for additional information please contact me via e-mail.

You mentioned an online gallery. How does this work?
Your personal online gallery is launched within 2 weeks after your wedding. These pictures will be ready for download without watermarks, without extra costs. The gallery is password protected and can only be attended by users with this login information.
Can we order albums and printed photos from you?
YES! We love printed photos and even more photo albums. You can do this online right from your online gallery or if you want something different I work with a ton of vendors and can accommodate and put together whatever your heart desires.
How will I receive my files? Do I get a print release?
Files are delivered via Online Gallery with full High-Resolution photos and digital download, no watermarks or logos will be on the photos. and will be available to you to do with what you wish for a year, although I HIGHLY recommend you immediately download and back those babies up. And yes! Print release is all yours. Make calendars and mugs for everyone in your family.  I encourage this. You can actually make prints and thoughtful gifts on my pic-time gallery directly.
How long are videos and delivery time for videos?

My videographer is able to deliver various length Highlight Reel packages based on your budget. Highlight reels are just that the highlights of your wedding from the start of getting ready to the end of the day. A video is actually 10x more time-consuming in the editing process, it involves steps such as but not limited to watching all the footage, edit out the bloopers, sync audio, put clips together to tell the story properly, find the right music, etc. With all that being said we typically get our videos delivered within 4-6 weeks depending on the length of video chosen, video could take up to 8 weeks during the high of wedding season.

Can we see a full gallery?
Of course!

Time and Location

How long will a portrait session last?
I typically photograph for 2 hours, which can allow us to go hit several locations.
Do you charge for travel or multiple locations?
Every wedding day is unique and some have more locations than other so we don’t discriminate that or charge travel for it. If your wedding is more than 90 miles from LAS VEGAS, NV then travel fees may apply but are evaluated on a case by case basis. I have extensive experience traveling and photograph destination weddings all around the globe.
How far should we book in advance?
Most couples book me a year to 2 years in advance. But there are also many spontaneous requests. So, the earlier you contact me, the better the chances are that your date is still available on our calendar. Just tell me as soon as your appointment is set.
Is your passport ready and valid?
Absolutely it is ready to rock wherever you are! I even have an extended booklet for extra room!
Where are you located? Can I book you for a wedding abroad?

  I am currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, I specialize in Destination Elopements & Weddings. It’s a pleasure to travel there where the best day of your life takes place. I am experienced concerning bookings abroad, and always looking to the future to travel to many new countries abroad. 

For which time frame can you be booked?
You can book me for starting at 4 hours or more. There is no time limit, you set the time frame. I am also happy to attend your celebration for several days – just according to your schedules wants and needs.

Business Stuff

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, I am licensed and incorporated in the state of Nevada. I carry 2 million / 4 million liability insurance for your venues as required by most of them and for you as well.
What kind of payment do you take?

   Cash, check, or Square which is my secured credit card and debit card processor (processing fees applied for credit).

This contract is legit, Dan! It’s kind of scary actually. Are you. mean?

Hey, guess what? This contract isn’t about you. It is a series of WHAT IFS and MAYBES and WORST CASE SCENARIOS that haven’t happened to me, but just in case they God forbid do, I want you to know how I’m going to handle it. The contract is for you and for me, so don’t be intimated. I’m really nice.  I have had a hundred people sign that contract in the last year, completed our agreement, delivered their files, sent a million emojis and GIFs and we’ve all continued living our lives. It’s a beautiful thing to have some structure on the that side of things, even though we are going to love each other and forget about all that business stuff within the first five minutes of first meeting. I promise.

Can we meet before booking?
Of course, I love to get to know new people and couples. If you are living outside of Las Vegas or abroad, we can Skype or FaceTime as well.

One of the big reasons why my website is transparent is so you can know right away if I am the right choice for you. I also always do Instagram stories and Facebook LIVE, so you can feel connected to my personality so that I don’t feel like a stranger to you. I will certainly keep in touch often and am always easy to get ahold of through email, phone call, and FaceTime.

What does your wedding coverage cost and which services are included?
These services are included: – All pictures in high resolution (for printing) and web resolution (for websites/devices) – A personal online gallery. For additional packages and detailed information please contact me via e-mail for my Pricing Guide. View Contact Page
How do you manage the prepayment for your work?
The prepayment amount is 50% of the total amount due to secure your date in my calendar.


How many outfits can I have?
I want you to bring it all!!!! Then together, we are going to create a couple of looks for both of you that best compliment what we’re working with in the weather and the environment.
What do you wear at our wedding/elopement?

 My team and myself will come to your wedding looking like true bad ass professionals. We will blend in with your guest as best as possible to make us blend into the crowd, our outfits would be considered “business casual”. Feel free to make fun of me and my stylish new balance DAD shoes, being on your feet for 10 hours running around just isn’t the right fit for my nice Dolce and Gabbana dress shoes! 

How should I dress for my session?
Bring your closet with you!!! J.K. but really bring 3-4 outfits you love!! PS wearing those nice expensive Louboutin red bottoms is def a bad idea. Think about where we are shooting. If you wake up every day and charge hard in those for 12 hours, then you can rock them out Otherwise I strongly urge against no heels.  If you want to dress awesome but need some direction, you can always pretend like you’re going to a festival or favorite concert. Hats, blankets, accessories that you love are awesome and make photos really aesthetically pleasing. Or you cannot do any of this and put on your favorites jeans and t-shirt. Photos are not about clothes- they’re about feelings, anyway.


Do you use flashes very often or available light?
For weddings, I prefer available light but use on-camera flashes and off camera strobes lights as needed when the natural light isn’t adequate.
What kind of Equipment do you use?
I work with professional Equipment. I use our Sony A9 and A7r3 bodies. This equipment is combined with different fixed lenses. Of course, I also use flashes if necessary.


How should we prepare for our session with you?
Come open minded and ready for fun I will take care of the rest. If you’re really camera shy or an introverted person in general a few shots never hurt anyone. I don’t drink so I’m always the designated driver, so we’ll burn it off by the time we get you ready to shoot. Just prepare yourself for me to make an ass of myself every step of the way to get all the reactions from you. You are going to laugh your asses off and with all the fun the time will fly right by. I always get the hardest toughest guys telling me “that they had such a killer time and can’t wait for me to shoot the wedding!”
Can my sister/ brother/ best friend/ aunt watch our session?
Insert Michael Scott quote here “NOOO, GOD! NO, NOOOO, PLEASE, NO!”

I treat session like a closed set. And that’s not just for me, it’s for you. I find that allowing people to tag along during really murders the vibe. I like connecting, just the three of us and knowing someone is watching throws me off and throws you off too, you just don’t know it yet. But trust me this is my jam!

What and when do you eat on our wedding day?
It’s great if you have one serving for each of us, but we need no extra seat. If you want to give us a seat, take one where we can be flexible. We prefer to eat right after you, so we can stuff our faces quickly and get back to capturing your wedding.