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However you made it to my page, whether it was my marketing dollars hard at work, google search, a friends referral or you’re a bad ass alien who thought I’m so out of this world that you had to come to earth to book me, I’m glad you landed on my website. I look forward to getting to possibly capture your moment in time and deliver you some out of this world editorial style photos.

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 My name is Dan, and this is my creative outlet where I  share with you all the crazy and unique places I’ve traveled to all the rad clients I have encountered and most of all the dynamic relationships I have built over the years with everyone that has stepped in front of my lens. I’m a full-time wedding, elopement, and portrait photographer, but I like to call myself a professional third wheel. I love wild crazy unique and authentic couples who aren’t afraid to get weird and are down for crazy adventures. I am an imaginative, raw, authentic and outside the box eclectic thinker. When I am not busy saving lives working for Clark County Fire Department under the electric lights of the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll see me with my camera traversing mountains, wandering exotic rain forests, roving the desert floors and stargazing while roaming exotic beaches all to capture the human spirit and soul. My wife Bri, white golden retriever Cali and my Bad ass German Shepard Zeppelin are my support system and also my biggest fans. They allow me to be my real self and are constantly fueling my fire and always keep me motivated.

I love to photograph life unscripted in the raw right as it is in the moment of your crazy fun filled life creating everlasting memories you will cherish and reflect on for a lifetime and longer. When photos are raw, candid and real they flow and tell your real-life story unscripted with no fake bullshit in the mix. Unlike a bunch of traditional poses which look fake and forced when you look at them flashback to your high school year prom photos ( insert horrible ptsd from my parents Christmas card photos). So, don’t be shocked when I’m busy documenting your life that I’ll be climbing anything that can be climbed on, laying in the dirt and or jumping into the water to capture you in the perfect element in that exact moment.  If you’re like me and live for the search and are ready for an adventure and want to document leaving your mark on the weird and wonderful world, head over to my contact page to send me a quick hello.
Ramble On,
Dan Bushkin

Kind Words from Past Clients

Chris and Amanda

Dan… What can you say about the creativity of a mad hatter, energy of a 6 year old, artistic eye of a time long past, and… “Chris and Amanda”

Devon and Ryan

I can’t be more thrilled with how our engagement photos turned out from Dan! First of all, he’s punctual which is a huge plus. He was… “Devon and Ryan”

Chris and Kristen

Dan is awesome, has great energy, and is an absolute professional. He primarily shot the guys on our wedding day and they loved having him around.… “Chris and Kristen”

Molly and Matty

We looked at dozens of photographers before stumbling upon Dan and his team. What struck us right away was how upfront and to the point he… “Molly and Matty”

Sam and Matt

Dan doesn’t just capture moments that turn into memories. He captures the soul having an experience. The soul never dies, but instead grows and expands it’s… “Sam and Matt”

Emily and Travis

Where do I even start?! Incredible! Amazing! So much fun! I can keep spewing off these descriptors until I’m blue in the face & it still… “Emily and Travis”

Lindsey and Tony

We truly can’t say enough great things about Dan Bushkin Photography! Dan and his partner/ girlfriend Bri shot our wedding day and were both so fun… “Lindsey and Tony”

Jeff and Julia

Dan is absolutely fantastic! He is so much fun to work with, and he really makes you feel comfortable and ready to have a good time… “Jeff and Julia”

The Smiths

It’s true what they say, your wedding day will fly by. After months and months of meticulous planning and waiting for that day where you finally… “The Smiths”

Maria and Jon

Dan is a kind, genuine person with a true talent for his craft. We connected with him the instant we met him at our engagement session.… “Maria and Jon”

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