When you want elegance, sophistication and utter luxury, you book the Chateau De Vie  for your wedding! That’s exactly what Chris and Kristen did for their lavish nuptials that took place at the very luxe Chateau De Vie. The place is like a dream come true in terms of hosting a wedding and the venue was a delight to visit and photograph for the happy couple’s wedding.

front of Chateau De Vie

The Chateau de Vie is a luxurious estate that features a majestic mansion, glittering lake and bubbling streams. The lush greenery surrounds the amazing 10-acre property that hoses a beautiful swimming pool and spa, guest lake house and chef’s kitchen, which are just a few of the luxuries the Chateau has. As a licensed vacation home, this breathtaking estate was the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding. Chris and Kristin really did choose the most amazing place to host their dream wedding and I was fortunate to capture all of its timeless elegance and beauty!

Chris and Kristen were a lovely couple. She’s a wedding planner (you can tell by how beautiful everything came out at the Chateau de Vie ) and he’s a police officer and a member of the U.S. Navy Reserves. He was actually deployed for the last year of their relationship in the Middle East serving our country as a Navy Rescue Swimmer so they know what it takes to have love endure. Although they were more than 8,000 miles apart, they were able to have faith in one another and still be there for each other. That’s no small feat! They are really a fun, loving and incredible couple. Their chemistry is off the charts and you can totally tell how in love they are in the pictures.

wedding ceremony at Chateau De Vie

bride getting ready at Chateau De Viewedding ceremony vows at Chateau De Vie

Their wedding at Chateau de Vie was like one you see on TV! Everything was amazing and perfect. You would have never guessed at what sort of hardships the two faced while Chris was deployed by how deeply in love they were on their wedding day. From the day Chris first met Kristen, he was captivated by her beauty and personality. Kristen stood by Chris when he first made the big decision to become a cop and stuck it out with his deployment. Even in his vows, he admitted how she was his rock. His love for her was simply admiring.

walking down the isle at Chateau De Viewedding reception entrance at Chateau De Viehappiness at wedding ceremony at Chateau De Vie

And the way she looked at him, you knew how special he was to her. They were together for six years before they made the big jump into marriage. You can totally tell that they have a strong foundation and I bet they are going to be in it for the long run! Both of their vows were silly and sweet, which just showed their playful characters and personalities that meshed so well with each other. There were no dry eyes this night at the  Chateau de Vie.

military groom and bride dancing and posing inside Chateau De Viemilitary groom and bride dancing and posing inside Chateau De Viemilitary groom and bride dancing and posing inside Chateau De Viemilitary groom and bride dancing and posing inside Chateau De Vie

It was so sweet to be part of their special day at the Chateau de Vie . I do so many shoots, but I have to say this one really stood out. You can really feel it when the couple is so in love they don’t really care about the whole ceremony; all they care about is each other. Which was surprising since she’s a wedding planner so I would have thought her planning personality would have come out in full force! But no, it was her eyes locked onto Chris from the moment she walked down the aisle!

reception dancing at Chateau De Viereception dancing at Chateau De Viedinner reception at Chateau De Vie

Thank you Chris and Kristen for allowing me to capture what was a gorgeous and amazing wedding at the amazing Chateau de Vie! Click here to see what kind words Chris and Kristen had to say about me.